About Us

The ATEM Group provides intelligent technology solutions for the digital renaissance. Our core focus is on blending cutting-edge solutions with strategic thinking and domain expertise to innovate and seize new opportunities.

At the ATEM Group, our dedication is to developing and implementing advanced technologies, including AI and distributed ledger/blockchain (web3) to improve the efficiency, transparency, and innovation of businesses and organizations.

The name ATEM is based on its meaning "the act of completion." Our mission is to guide clients and help bridge the chasm as we enter the fourth industrial revolution, with AI and web3-centric innovations at its center. We believe that with the right approach, intent and technology, we can collectively solve some of the world's greatest challenges.

The ATEM Group has assembled a team of experts in their crafts, with diverse backgrounds and capabilities that bring to bear A-list talent and industry relationships. We have also organized an extensive strategic partnership ecosystem of leading firms that range across the following disciplines:

-Cybersecurity & Compliance
-Data Engineering, Analytics, & ML/AI
-Core DLT Infrastructure & Protocols
-Metaverse (AR, VR & MR)
-Venture Capital & Grant Foundations.

These relationships provide an end-to-end business model for all ATEM Group clients and portfolio companies.

At the ATEM Group, innovation is not just a buzzword; it's the driving force behind everything we do. We are uniquely positioned to empower our clients, partners and portfolio companies with the transformative potential of AI and web3 innovations, unlocking new possibilities, driving meaningful change and shaping a better tomorrow.


Our leadership team is laser focused on elevating technologies to their highest performance. We’re committed to helping innovative companies set new industry standards and establish the most useful real-world applications. 


Our ambition is to build a world with more honesty and integrity, and we know that starts with our intention and focus – from the way we develop technology to how we engage with our clients and partners. 


Change makes way for progress. That’s why we believe in fostering an environment that is agile and open to change – one where we’re forced out of our comfort zones which leads to new learnings and innovations.


Everything we do is done through the lens of creating systems and fostering organizations that better represent all of us – where values and information are evenly distributed.       

Values drive our vision forward

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Meet the Team

Camden J. Weis
Founder & Managing Partner

Camden is a technologist and entrepreneur at his core and brings with him over a decade of experience that spans across apparel/textiles, technology incubation, enterprise software and digital transformation solutions. He is an active investor and advisor in emerging technologies specializing in web3, artificial intelligence (AI) and ancillary innovations.

His expertise includes distributed ledger technologies, blockchain and tokenization, with a depth of understanding around the regulatory landscape and adoption of digital assets and web3 at large.

Camden prides himself in being a connector and an innovator, spotting trends early on and helping founders, executives and creators contextualize those. He believes in the power of AI and web3-centric technologies which represent the next chapter across all industries.

John A. Harris
Chief Data Advisor

John is a data technology entrepreneur with a background in logistics, supply chain management, insurance, and retail marketing analytics, amongst others. He has a technical background in data science, data engineering and data architecture and has built AI and related data systems over the last two decades.

John helps clients build intelligent systems that enable them to achieve greater impact and profitability. In this capacity, he has worked for the US Army, US Navy, and Los Alamos National Laboratory on the federal side and for over 40 commercial clients. Five years were spent on active duty as a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps.

John architects solutions that utilize data to achieve impact within selected markets and applications to include the use of database systems that drive novel machine learning, optimization and other intelligent techniques.

Santiago Velez
Chief Web3 Advisor

Santiago is a renowned practitioner in the digital asset and distributed ledger/blockchain space, co-founding and advising several companies.

Santiago is the co-founder and division lead of Research & Development at Block Digital Corporation, which focuses on deploying decentralized edge computing. He's also Vice President of R&D at Sindric Solutions, a web3 enterprise software development company that has built and advised on products for Fortune 50 companies like Nike, and organizations like the NCAA, using web2 cloud in conjunction with DLT technologies.

Santiago has a degree in Nuclear Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and more recently completed the UPenn Wharton School of Business's Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets certification program. When not spending time with his three daughters, Santiago contributes to the Real Vision platform to perform deep-dive long-form interviews with up-and-coming leaders in the web3 space. Lastly, he's a vigorous Twitter poster on all things crypto and a mouthpiece for anyone with interesting ideas.

Scott Carlson
Senior Advisor

Scott is a highly skilled and experienced Information Security professional with over 20 years of experience in developing, implementing, and maintaining security systems and protocols. He has a proven track record of identifying and mitigating security risks, designing and implementing security solutions, and managing incident response across traditional and highly-complicated, innovative environments. Over his career, he has held leadership positions at companies such as PayPal, Charles Schwab, University of Phoenix, BeyondTrust, and Kudelski Security.

In his role as a valued member of the ATEM advisory board, Scott prides himself in providing technical leadership and strategic guidance to clients, partners, and portfolio companies. In addition, he plays a key role in fostering innovative relationships between the ATEM Group and its technical alliance partners, and delivering trustless solutions based on digital ledgers, cryptography, and blockchain.

Deal Daly
Senior Advisor

Deal extensive and illustrious career spans key leadership positions at renowned organizations such as Intuit, LexisNexis, and Ancestry, where he has spearheaded transformative initiatives, ranging from web scale architectures to cloud migrations. He boasts a multifaceted background encompassing IT transformation, M&A integrations, and fulfillment operations.

His advisory roles encompass prominent technology companies such as MX.com, Hammerspace.com, and Storj.io. With a proven track record in guiding emerging technology adoption, Deal has also served on advisory boards for industry giants like Dell and EMC.

Notably, Deal's academic foundation in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics from CUNY adds a unique dimension to his strategic thinking and problem-solving capabilities. This, combined with his comprehensive industry experience, positions him as an invaluable asset in driving ATEM Group's mission.

Our clients & Partners

Our relationships extend across oceans and industries. Our rich partner network supports us in building reliable technology solutions and provides unapparelled access for our clients and portfolio companies. 


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